Technology “D” Right Way


Project Consulting services are designed to help your teams manage complex technology implementations. This includes but is not limited to Project Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Center Consolidation Planning and Network Design Consulting.

We offer a number of Technology Assessments, including Systems Health and Risk Assessment, Annual Technology Roadmap, and Capacity Planning. Our assessments not only help identify flaws with your current system, but take it a step further to develop plans to mitigate problems and enhance your systems in the future.

​D-WAY INC will provide expert engineers to work with your team to design and implement the latest virtualization technologies in your environment. We have extensive experience in Desktop Virtualization Design & Planning, Server Virtualization Design & Planning, and Storage Virtualization Design & Planning

Consulting Services 

Cloud hosting, Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) D-WAY Inc provides the reliable service that allows you a flexible, complexity infrastructure with no worries. If you are looking to move your data center out of the city or have only one office location and need a DR site, D-WAY Cloud services includes Disaster Recovery, Desktop, Application, and Servers,. Our Asset Management services take the headache out of keeping track of hardware and software support renewals. D-WAY Inc. gives you the peace of mind that your network is up-to-date and running smoothly

D-WAY INC specializes in Desktop, Application and Server virtualization that allow IT departments to deliver flexible and secure systems to their end-users, regardless of their location. Our experience with Server, Storage and Network infrastructure ensures that your data is running on a secure, stable and fast network

D-WAY Inc provides direct sales to our clients via our partnership with or by contacting your D-WAY INC account manager

D-WAY Inc is also proud to also provide our client the ability to purchase and renew domains, SSL certificates and other website relate items . Our domain reselling capability make us a true one stop shop for all your IT need.

D-WAY Inc provides advanced technical support and guaranteed response times to our support contracted customers. Whether it is a network down situation or you need an expert to troubleshoot a challenging network issue, D-WAY engineers are available and have the expertise to help. D-WAY Inc also provides end-user training. Contact us when you need an expert.


Direct Resale

D-WAY Inc provides three types of technology consulting services: Project Consulting, Technology Assessment, ad Virtualization Planning.

Managed Services